Life gets hairy


Subjective truth flying through space via radio waves.


The Story

At the age of 25, I was an unknowing entrepreneur, and just married, I created a company called Dream Beard with just $46 in my bank account. Three months later, I was selling in 30 countries. Five years later, I had reached almost 100 countries with my brand and was sitting on a board for a Fortune 50 company. Then life hit me like a sledge hammer. 

With my dad fighting cancer and my wife pregnant with our first son, I began to question life. What is life? Why are we here? What is real? What is truth? It didn't make me special because I felt this way. I feel this way because I am human, like everyone else. This podcast is an expression of that. We are all human, and life happens around us, in us, and without us.

I want to learn why people do what they do and believe what they believe. So, I am jumping into the shoes of anyone who will let me. I'm learning more about life through the perception of others, plus a lot of BS in between!

Just a few of the topics

Life // Death // Parenting // BigFoot // Barbering // Bearding // Small Business // Tattooing // Magic // BBQ // Paranormal // Music // Psychedelics // So much more


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